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The premium chocolate latté

Are you ready for

the premium chocolate lattÉ?

Blentté brings you the Premium Organic Chocolate Latté, a hot, delicious, and thick chocolate drink that was designed with your taste buds in mind. The creators want to bring you along on the adventure of experiencing the extreme chocolate flavor of Blentté.

The Premium Chocolate Latté blend is Non-GMO, gluten free, and made with certified organic fair trade cocoa.

Join us on the Blentté journey and experience the joy of having the ultimate chocolate latté.


Proud to be certified fair trade


We know how important it is to give back to the farmers and the environment, which is why we have created Blentté using certified fair trade cocoa. This allows everyone to benefit, the farmers get a stable market and are able to improve the quality of their lives, we get to keep supplying you with delicious Blentté, and you, not only get to know that you are helping the environment and farmers, but you also get to experience the wonderful taste of Blentté.