Who We Are



Quality. Flavor. Health.

Three of our defining ingredients.

Blentté® is the product of those ingredients and this is why:

Everyone is searching for something. Everyone is chasing a dream. Everyone has a goal. A desire. A want.

Our dream? To bring delicious blends into everyone’s hands. Blends that we can share, experience, and enjoy.

That’s why we are constantly working to bring you the best flavored, best quality, best ingredient filled blends. It’s more than just a taste, it’s an experience. One that we hope you’ll enjoy with us.

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Blend. Mix. Taste. Repeat.

Working late nights in the kitchen, adding a little of this and a dash of that.

This is how Blentté®’s Premium Organic Chocolate mix came into existence.

We wanted something thick, rich, and creamy. A drink that we couldn’t get enough of, but one that wasn’t filled with artificial flavors, words we can’t pronounce, and other mumbo jumbo.

The result? A mix of simple ingredients, giving us a taste we love.